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Survey: 57% of Republicans, 39% of Democrats have gun in home…

A Rasmussen survey released October 7, 2020, shows that 57 percent of Republicans and 39 percent of Democrats have a gun in their home.

Rasmussen found that 37 percent of politically “unaffiliated” Americans have a gun in their home as well.

Overall, 43 percent of American adults say someone in their home owns a gun, and slightly over 1/5 of those say “they or someone in their household has purchased a gun since the violent anti-police protests began.”

Moreover, 54 percent of American adults “who live in gun-owning households say they feel more safe with a gun in the house.”

As for those who have acquired a gun since the breakout of “violent police protests” began in May, a full 90 percent say they feel safer.

Rasmussen found that minorities were more likely than whites to acquire a gun after the police protests began and American adults under 40 were more likely to get one than were “their elders.”

Source: Breitbart