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Staffer admits Mark Kelly hiding gun-control agenda to get elected…

A campaign staffer says Democrat Mark Kelly, who is challenging Republican Sen. Martha McSally in Arizona, says the candidate wants more gun control but isn’t talking about it now because he wants to get elected first.

The revelation from Angelica Carpio was captured in an undercover video by James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas Action. Watch:

“Arizona is a very Republican state in general, like a red state. And I know, actually right now it’s purple technically. But I just think he wants to get those independents. He wants to get those Republicans that don’t trust Trump anymore,” Carpio said.

“And one of their main issues is guns. So I don’t think he’s … like been out there saying like I want like a full gun control type measure and I think it’s because he just wants to get elected first and then he wants to go further.”

Carpio said that even the staffers “are like kind of confused, like we want him to come full force out, but it’s like … the problem is this is such a consequential state.”

I think he’s trying to be elected and then he’ll implement the measures,” she said.

“You always can’t trust politicians. I mean like everybody on the staff would say this … I’m like defaming my campaign right now,” she said.

Kelly declined to respond to questions from Project Veritas.

Source: World Net Daily