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It is widely known that Joe Biden is in declining mental and physical health. At last night’s debate, Biden certainly held his ground, but since Biden is very gaffe prone and forgetful, how did he pull that off? Did he receive the questions beforehand? Was he wearing an earpiece?

Fox News Reporters confirmed reports that Biden did NOT WANT to be checked for wires before the debate and said they would have to keep an eye on this throughout the night:

Some internet detectives claim Biden was wired last night and they believe they have PROOF:

There is also footage showing something falling out of Joe’s sleeve:

Others reported how it appeared throughout the debate that Biden was listening to something other than the debate as if someone was talking to him through an ear piece.

It’s no surprise that the Democrats would cheat. They spied on candidate and President Trump and attempted to overthrow his presidency. As long as they get away with it they will continue to LIE, CHEAT, STEAL and attempt to OVERTHROW our government.

We’ll have to see what comes out of these videos in the coming days…