HE’S BACK: President Trump launches a BARRAGE of Monday morning tweets!

President Trump continues to make big strides in his recovery from COVID-19 and this morning, he sent out a flurry of tweets that will have his media adversaries grinding their teeth down into nubs.

The leader of the free world has been receiving treatment at Walter Reed Hospital where he has set up shop and continued working for the American people, defying Democrats, media, and so-called experts who have weaponized the virus to promote their political agenda.

Heads exploded across Twitter and in the newsrooms of the anti-Trump propaganda machine when he briefly left the hospital on Sunday and waved at adoring crowds of patriotic supporters outside from his limo.

With his doctors cautiously talking of a Monday discharge, the POTUS started the day off with a bang.

The optics that President Trump has more energy while he is in the hospital than Joe Biden does on any given day should strike fear into the hearts of Democrats and their winged monkeys in the media.

You can’t keep a good man down.

Source: Trending Politics